Enter the virtual portals of a university where within its halls walk some of the country’s most distinguished public servants, lawyers, justices, architects, engineers, and agents of law and justice.

All of them have stayed true to the vision of the school founders of becoming nation builders.

You, as a next generation nation-builder, have the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and do your part to ensure that their work is carried on into the future.

As we enter a new age powered by new communications technology, MLQU’s brand of education is repurposed and re-calibrated in a new direction to adapt to the times.

The challenge is not just in harnessing new technologies. The challenge is how to make the student serve a meaningful purpose after graduation.

Now more than ever, our society demands courses like Law, Architecture, Engineering, Accountancy, Business Management, and Criminology to build our nation and to strengthen our foundation.

The objective is to produce a new generation of excellently-educated, patriotic Filipinos to help propel our country to take its rightful place among the most progressive nations in the world.

Committed to rising to the challenge, the new MLQU now opens its doors to empower you to respond to the nation’s call.

As you go through this virtual portal, explore and learn more about this venerable institution of almost half a century. Ponder the kind of course that fits your talent and your aptitude.

At the end of your virtual exploration, you will find that MLQU is the ideal place to launch and build your career as a nation builder of the future.

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