Transferees Admission Requirements

a. TOR (or copy of grades) for evaluation purposes of possible crediting of courses.

b. Certificate of Good Moral Character from your school of origin.  

c. 3 pcs Picture (2×2). White background

d. PSA Issued Birth Certificate 

Transferees Enrollment Procedure

1. Register on this click apply and fill out verification.

2. Acknowledge personal data consent and fill out Student information form (SIF) and upload available requirements then click submit.

2.1 Transcript of Records (TOR) or copy of grades, Honorable Dismissal

2.2 Certificate of Good Moral Character

2.3 Recent 2×2 Photo (in white background)

2.4 PSA Birth Certificate (original)

* Temporarily electronic or soft copy of the following documents will do.
* Please note that the hard copy (original copy) of the documents must be submitted on or before the start of classes to finalize your enrollment.

3. Take note of the Username and Password

4. Wait for the confirmation from Admissions office (accepted/rejected).

After acceptance applicants may now proceed to Onsite Enrollment process

5. Proceed to Admissions Office for releasing of evaluation result and unofficial matriculation in exchange of the original requirements.

6. Pay the non-refundable down payment of 10% percent of total tuition fee at treasury. 

7. You may now take your ID picture at the Marketing Office