The Art and Science of Things: Schools of Architecture and Engineering Orientation Talks

Continuing with the series of MLQU Orientation Talks, in the session for Architecture Freshmen entitled ArchiTalks, the new students got to meet the school’s teaching and non-teaching personnel led by Architect John Joseph T. Fernandez. During his talk, Ar. Fernandez highlighted that: “Architecture is the hardest undergraduate program, but the most enjoyable program.”

During the talk, conversations regarding architecture being art or science were also raised. Some students argue that architecture is art because they create art from their drawings, while others consider it science because the project requires chemical compositions. Ar. Fernandez clarified that both responses are correct, and that architecture is a science with a touch of art. Simply put, architectural design necessitates the use of an artistic eye in the creation of visually appealing buildings, but it also necessitates the use of science through the engineering required to create a viable structure in the first place.

Equally inspiring were the words expressed by the individual faculty members of the School of Engineering during the meet-up session of aspiring new engineers entitled ENGnnovative Builders: Freshmen Orientation 2022. Ar. John Joseph Fernandez, was unequivocal in saying: “Manuel L. Quezon University is a great way to pursue your courses until the end, and we are here, giving our best to provide you with what you deserve.”

Inspiring, fun-filled, stimulating, and lighthearted all in equal measure– that was the overall impression of the freshmen as well as old students who listened, took notes, and actively participated in question-and-answer repartees, discussions, and games that characterized all the orientation sessions.

The orientation talks indeed opened a new chapter for MLQU students. They may be taking different paths, but they are all united by the spirit of journeying together towards the vision of MLQU’s founders: to be nation builders.

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