Senior High School Admission Requirements

a. Form 138  (Card) / Form 137 (JHS Student permanent record)

b. Certificate of Good Moral Character from your school of origin.  

c. 3 pcs Picture (2×2). White background

d. PSA Issued Birth Certificate

e. Voucher certificate for Private school graduate (if any)

Integrated School

Senior High School Admission Procedure


1. Junior High School Completer


1. Begin the Application process via the Online Application Facility

2. Accomplishment of Application Requirements

  2.1. Form 138 or Form 137

  2.2. Junior High School Scholastic Record, if Forms 138 and 137 are not available

  2.3. Certificate of Good Moral Character

  2.4. Recent 2×2 Photo (in white background)

  2.5. NSO / PSA Birth Certificate (original)

  2.6. Voucher Certificate for Private School Graduates

Submission of Requirements

1.1. Submit all Application Requirements to in JPEG or PDF format

1.2. Access the Online Application Facility and wait for a confirmation email forwarding your University email address and password.

1.3. Log in to the University Enrollment System using your MLQU email address and fill out all the necessary information

Note: Submit, in triplicate, the uploaded 2×2 photo; and all original Application Requirements to the Office of the University Registrar on or before the first week of classes

Application Update

1.4. Await email acknowledgement from the Office of Admissions

1.5. The Office of Admissions will notify you in 5 to 10 working days of your application status and steps to take moving forward.


  • Allot reasonable lead time to secure the requirements/documents. Prepare a clear scanned copy of each in JPEG or PDF
  • Applications with incomplete requirements will not be processed.
  • Keep all original hardcopies of the documentary requirements. These must be submitted during the confirmation of enrollment.
  • Any false information given and/or fraudulent document uploaded into the online admission facility will automatically nullify the application.
  • For information on scholarships, visit