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School of Law (SOL), in Collaboration with the Bar Operations Committee, Announces Lecture Series to Aid Bar Applicants in Preparing for 2023 Bar Examinations

To assist Bar applicants in their preparations for the highly anticipated 2023 Bar Examinations, the MLQU-School of Law, in joint collaboration with the Bar Operations Committee is proud to announce an extensive lecture series covering various Bar subjects.

This joint initiative aims to provide aspiring lawyers with comprehensive support, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the upcoming Bar examinations scheduled for September 2023.

The lecture series, spanning from May to August 2023, will be conducted by esteemed faculty members from the MLQU-School of Law.  These experienced legal professionals will share their wealth of knowledge and expertise, offering valuable insights and practical strategies to help Bar examinees master the subjects included in the Bar examinations.

The lecture series will commence with Atty. Frederick Anciano’s lecture on Civil Procedure, a fundamental subject in the Bar examinations.  Atty. Anciano will conduct four (4) sessions, with the first session scheduled for this Friday, May 19, from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

Atty. Frederick Anciano, a distinguished legal practitioner renowned for his comprehensive understanding of Civil Procedure, has earned a reputation for his ability to simplify complex legal concepts.  His engaging teaching style and profound knowledge of the subject matter make him a highly sought-after instructor among Bar reviewees.

By combining the expertise of the MLQU-School of Law faculty and the diligent efforts of the Bar Operations Committee, this lecture series aims to provide aspiring lawyers with an optimal learning experience.  The comprehensive coverage of various Bar subjects caters to the diverse needs of Bar applicants, ensuring that they are well prepared for the challenges posed by the 2023 Bar Examinations.

The MLQU-School of Law remains steadfast in its commitments to supporting students throughout their Bar examination journey.  By offering a conducive learning environment and guidance from experiences legal professional, the institution strives to empower aspiring lawyers enhance their prospects for success in the 2023 Bar Examinations.

This effort emphasizes the collaborative approach taken to assist Bar applicants in achieving their goals.  The lecture series serves as a testament to the institution’s unwavering dedication to providing quality legal education and nurturing the development of competent legal professionals.

As the MLQU-School of Law and the Bar Operations Committee embark on this crucial initiative, they encourage all interested Bar applicants to take advantage of this invaluable resource.  By attending these lectures, students can deepen their understanding of the Bar subjects and gain essential tools and strategies to overcome the forthcoming challenges.

For the latest updates and further information regarding the lecture series schedule and venues, interested individuals are encouraged to check the MLQU website and social media platforms from time to time or contact the School of Law.

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