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MLQU SOL and LEB Strengthen Ties at Lunch Meeting

On June 30, 2023, the Executive Vice President of Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU), Lucille P. Ortile, and the MLQU School of Law (SOL) Dean Jose Perpetuo Lotilla hosted a lunch get-together with Atty.  Melanie Trinidad, the Chairperson of the Legal Education Board (LEB).  The lunch meeting was also attended by Sandiganbayan Justice Michael Frederick Musngi, adding to the significance of the gathering.

The purpose of the lunch meet was twofold.  Firstly, it aimed to introduce Atty. Lotilla as the new Dean of MLQU SOL to Chairperson Trinidad.  Secondly, the meeting aimed to discuss recent developments in the SOL, particularly the expansion of new program that extend the law curriculum to five and six years.  These extended program was designed to cater to the needs of working students, as MLQU SOL positions itself as the law school of choice for this demographic.

During the meeting, the attendees engaged in a productive discussion on various topics.  Faculty development and recruitment took center stage as they explored strategies to enhance the teaching quality and expertise within MLQU SOL. Chairperson Trinidad, on her part, shared the immediate plans and programs of the Legal Education Board.

The lunch meeting served as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and collaboration between MLQU and LEB.  By fostering coordination and open communication, both institutions aim to create a conducive environment for legal education and contribute to the development of the legal profession in the Philippines.

Dean Lotilla expressed his gratitude to Chairperson Trinidad for taking the time to meet with MLQU SOL leadership team.  He acknowledge the importance of the LEB’s guidance and support in shaping the future of legal education at MLQU. Atty. Lotilla also emphasized his commitment to further enhance the SOL’s reputation as a leading institution that equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the legal field.

Chairperson Trinidad praised MLQU SOL’s initiative in extending the law curriculum to accommodate working students.  She expressed her confidence in the SOL’s potential to become a beacon of legal education for aspiring lawyers, particularly those juggling work and studies.

As the lunch meeting drew to a close, all participants expressed their optimism for the continued collaboration between MLQU SOL and LEB.  The productive exchange of ideas and shared commitment to quality legal education bodes well for MLQU SOL.

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