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MLQU School of Law inspires AFP and PNP Personnel in a Seminar at Camp Aguinaldo

The MLQU School of Law (SOL) and the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) recently had the privilege of addressing a distinguished audience of AFP and PNP personnel during a seminar held at the AFPCOC, Camp Aguinaldo on June 13, 2023.  The seminar aimed to provide valuable insight to the attendees regarding post graduate studies and their significance in the pursuit of professional careers and community engagements.

The event was graced by representatives from the MLQU SOL and SGS, including SOL Dean Jose Perpetuo Lotilla, University Registrar Myra Ramos, Atty. Galagad Pe Benito, Atty. Vincent Magistrado, Ms.Feliza Hernandez  and Ms. Charmaine Pineda.  Their presence added a sense of authority and expertise to the occasion, enhancing the overall impact of the seminar.

The seminar witnessed the attendance of numerous AFP and PNP commissioned officers, who eagerly engaged with the speakers and expressed their keen interest in the subject matter.  Dean Lotilla delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the importance of furthering their studies in law.  He encouraged the attendees to consider pursuing legal education, highlighting the value it could bring to their community engagements and the potential rewarding career after retirement from service.

Atty. Magistrado, during his presentation, shed light on MLQU’s comprehensive range of programs, highlighting the Juris Doctor (JD) program.  Apart from the regular four-year program, MLQU’s JD offers both five-year and six-year completion courses, providing flexibility to suit the needs of professionals who wish to embark on legal education journey.  The emphasis on convenience and accessibility resonated strongly with the attendees, especially considering their demanding schedules as uniformed personnel.

Following the conclusion of the program, numerous uniformed personnel expressed their sincere interest in MLQU’s online mode of class delivery.  The flexibility and convenience of this mode of learning appealed to them, as it accommodated their professional commitments without compromising the quality of education received.

The MLQU SOL and SGS participation in the seminar at Camp Aguinaldo proved to be a significant step towards fostering a stronger relationship between the legal education sector and the armed forces and police personnel.  By encouraging the pursuit of legal studies among these dedicated individuals, MLQU is not only empowering them with valuable knowledge but also preparing them for future roles where they can make a positive impact in society.

The success of this seminar paves the way for future collaborations between MLQU and the AFP and PNP, ensuring that the invaluable contributions of uniformed personnel extend beyond their service years.  Through education and engagement, MLQU SOL and SGS aim to equip  them with the necessary skills and expertise to address work-related challenges, effect positive change, and continue serving their communities in a meaningful way.

As MLQU’s programs continue to garner interest and receive recognition for their quality, the SOL and SGS remain committed to MLQU’s mission of nurturing its students not only to be competent but also driven by genuine desire to make a difference.

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