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MLQU School of Law Celebrates Remarkable Achievements at Testimonial Dinner

The Testimonial Dinner hosted by MLQU Chairman and President, Atty. Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr. for the 2022 successful Bar examinees at the Summer Palace of the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Pasig City on June 7, 2023 was filled with joy and pride as the achievements of exceptional individuals in the legal profession were celebrated.

The 2022 Bar examinees were recognized and commended for their remarkable journey.  The evening was filled with heartfelt stories of perseverance, humility, and the commitment to serve and fight for justice.  President Ochoa acknowledged the dedication, perseverance, and commitment of the Bar examinees that led them to this extraordinary milestone in their legal careers.  He also congratulated Atty. Jennefer Estabillo, the number 22 top examinee, for her exceptional achievement.

The occasion was also attended by former Chief Justice Reynato Puno, the Dean Emeritus of the MLQU School of Law, Justice Carlito Calpatura, officials of MLQU, and members of the School of Law faculty.  Their presence further elevated and highlighted the honor bestowed upon the new lawyers.

President Ochoa emphasized the significance of the evening as a celebration of collective success and recognition. Each honoree was commended for their outstanding performance, highlighting their unwavering dedication and hard work.  He also acknowledged the challenges faced by the majority of the successful examinees, who managed to balance the demands of their professional lives with their pursuit of legal education.  He expressed utmost pride in their accomplishments and encouraged them to continue contributing to the growth and success of the MLQU School of Law.

During the event, the new lawyers were given the opportunity to share their law school and Bar journey.  Many expressed gratitude for overcoming the difficulties of balancing work, studies, and family concerns.  They acknowledged that their accomplishments humbled them and inspired them to serve and fight for justice.  They emphasized the importance of kindness and reminded everyone to be considerate and compassionate towards others, as they may be unaware of the challenges others are facing. 

The sharing of their experiences and sentiments created an atmosphere of gratitude and reflection.  The new lawyers expressed their deep appreciation for having successfully hurdled the Bar and becoming full-fledged lawyers.  They spoke about the difficulties they encountered while juggling work and studies, as well as the responsibilities they faced in their personal lives.  Despite these challenges, they felt immense gratitude for the support they received from their families, friends and the MLQU School of Law community.

The new lawyers expressed that their achievements humbled them and fueled their passion to serve their country and the Filipino people, as stated in the motto of MLQU “pro patria et jure.” They recognized that their newfound status as legal professionals came with great responsibility to uphold the principles of the law and make positive impact in society.

Furthermore, the new lawyers shared their belief in the importance of kindness and empathy.  They acknowledged that everyone is fighting their own battles, and it is crucial to approach others with understanding and compassion.  By showing kindness to those they encounter, they hope to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all.

In conclusion, the Testimonial Dinner was a night of celebration, recognition and gratitude.  The event honored the achievements of the successful Bar examinees of 2022.  The new lawyers, in sharing their law school and Bar journey, expressed their gratitude, humility and determination to serve and fight for justice.  Their experiences served as an inspiration for future aspiring lawyers, and they pledge to continue supporting and contributing to the growth and success of their Alma Mater, MLQU School of Law.

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