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MLQU Officials Forge Partnership with PCSO to Promote Further Education for Government Employees

In a significant step towards enhancing educational opportunities for government employees, officials from Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) recently met with Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Chairman Junie Cua.  The productive discussion centered around MLQU’s commitment to assisting PSCO  employees in pursuing advanced studies in law or their respective fields through master’s or doctoral programs.

The meeting, attended by MLQU officials Atty. Gilbert Villoria (Vice President for Legal Affairs), Ms. Myra Ramos (University Registrar), Atty. Vincent Magistrado (Program Coordinator, School of Law), and Ms. Charmaine Pineda, yielded positive outcomes.  Chairman Cua expressed his willingness to allow MLQU to present its programs to PCSO employees, opening doors for further collaboration and educational opportunities.

Chairman Cua, known for his unwavering dedication to four key areas: health, infrastructure, livelihood, and education, emphasized the significance of education as a means to empower individuals and communities.  He warmly welcomed MLQU’s initiative to reach out to government employees, recognizing the mutual benefits it would offer to both organizations.

To actively support MLQU’s goal of providing educational access to government employees and enabling them to pursue higher education, Chairman Cua agreed to offer scholarships to qualified students enrolled in any of MLQU’s programs.  This gesture not only demonstrates PCSO’s commitment to educational advancement but also highlights the organization’s dedication to fostering a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

In line with this agreement, the Office of Chairman Cua will collaborate closely with MLQU, forwarding scholarship requirements and establishing a streamlined process for students to directly apply for scholarships through PCSO.  This direct referral system will ensure efficient and seamless application procedures, ensuring that deserving candidates receives the necessary financial support to pursue their academic aspirations.

MLQU officials expressed their gratitude to Chairman Cua for his openness and support, recognizing the potential positive impact this collaboration would have on the professional development and growth of PCSO employees.  By forging this partnership, MLQU and PCSO aim to foster a culture of continuous learning, empowering government employees to acquire new knowledge and skills that will enhance their contributions to public service.

As MLQU prepares to present its programs to PCSO employees in the near future, anticipation and excitement fill the air.  This collaboration sets a remarkable precedent, illustrating the collective commitment to educational excellence and the cultivation of a highly skilled workforce within the public sector.

The partnership between MLQU and PCSO symbolizes the power of cooperation and innovation in driving positive change and shaping a brighter future.  Through this joint effort, government employees will have the opportunity to further their education, unlocking new possibilities and strengthening their expertise in their chosen fields.

With Chairman Cua’s strong support and PCSO’s commitment to empowering its workforce, the collaboration between MLQU and PCSO holds tremendous promise.  It paves the way for a more educated, skilled, and empowered public sector, ultimately benefitting the entire nation.

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