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MLQU Law Students Take Action To Champion The Rights of Consumers

There’s a Latin motto: Acta non Verba. (Action Not Just Words.)

Taking cue from this motto, last March 30, 2023, MLQU School of Law launched the MLQU Consumer Assistance Desk during the Consumer Youth Forum, as a way of showing that they’re ready to champion the rights of consumers beyond lip service.

Organized by MLQU in partnership with the DTI and The Asia Foundation, the said Consumer Assistance Desk, provides a window for consumers to express and seek enlightenment regarding their problems and predicament.

To test its readiness, US Ambassador volunteered to be first client of the action desk. Playing the role of a consumer complainant, she asked questions which MLQU students ably answered. She was impressed.

During the launching, former Chief Justice Reynato Puno (MLQU Dean Emeritus) stressed the importance of advocating consumer rights and how a more empowered consumer can help the country’s economy. He also pointed out that just like in other areas of practice, the marginalized sectors are the ones who are most vulnerable when it comes to consumer protection.

With their involvement in the Consumer Assistance Desk, MLQU students are not only helping victims of unscrupulous trade practices, they are learning to practice the law in the real world, which gives them an edge over law schools that confine learning to the four walls of the lecture room.

For queries, contact MLQU Consumer Action Desk at 09266868153 (Globe) / 09603967642 (SMART)

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