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MLQU Launches Leadership Empowerment and Advancement Program (LEAP) to Shape Future Professionals

In its continuous commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) has introduced an exciting initiative called the Leadership Empowerment and Advancement Program (LEAP).  This comprehensive program is designed to assist both current and prospective students in uncovering their personal values and leadership skills while working towards their professional aspirations.  By focusing on learning, empowerment, advancement, and producing professionals, LEAP aims to create a transformative experience for all participants.

The acronym LEAP captures the essence of the programs objectives.  The first pillar “L.” represents learning and gaining knowledge.  LEAP recognizes that education extends beyond the classroom, and it seeks to provide students with valuable insights and practical skills that can propel them forward in their academic and professional journeys.

The second pillar “E,” emphasizes the empowerment of students through the acquisition of both hard and soft skills.  LEAP recognizes the importance of developing a diverse range of abilities, from technical expertise to effective communication and leadership skills.  By empowering students with these essential tools, MLQU aims to prepare them for success in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

Advancement, the third pillar denoted by the letter “A,” highlights the programs commitment to providing advanced training and innovative activities.  LEAP recognizes that real growth happens when students are challenged to step out of their comfort zones.  Through a series of carefully curated workshops, seminars, and experiential learning opportunities, participants are encouraged to expand their horizons, develop new perspectives, and unlock their full potential.

Finally, the fourth pillar, “P,” symbolizes LEAP’s mission to produce professionals, MLQU understands that education is not merely about acquiring knowledge, but also about translating that knowledge into tangible outcomes.  By equipping students with the necessary skills, mindset, and character, LEAP aims to shape individuals who are well-prepared to enter the workforce as competent and ethical professionals.

One of the remarkable aspects of LEAP is its inclusive nature.  The program is open not only to MLQU students but also to students from other schools.  This commitment to inclusivity and collaboration reflects MLQU’s student-centric goal and its dedication to promoting a healthy life-education balance.

Similar to the renowned Makyo Camp, LEAP engages students in activities that align MLQU’s advocacy for holistic development.  With a strong focus on leadership, upskilling and character building, LEAP provides a platform for students to explore their potential, develop critical competencies, and cultivate personal growth.

LEAP comprises four distinct series, each designed to address specific areas of development.  Series 1, Leadership Training, equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective leaders in various contexts.  Series 2, Character Building, focuses on cultivating essential values, ethics, and integrity among students, laying a strong foundation for their personal and professional lives.

Series 3, Upskilling the Students for Future Workplace, recognizes the changing landscape of work and equips students with the necessary skills to thrive in the future job market.  By focusing on emerging trends and industry demands, LEAP ensures that participants are prepared to adapt and excel in their chosen fields.

Finally, Series 4, Information Literacy, addresses the critical need for digital skills and media literacy in the information age.  In an era characterized by rapid information dissemination and the prevalence of fake news, LEAP empowers students to become discerning consumers and creators of information.

LEAP’s journey began with a highly successful launch, attracting 97 participant eager to embark on this transformative experience.  As a year-round activity, LEAP is meticulously organized by the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) in collaboration with the University Library.  This partnership ensures that participants have access to resources, mentors, and advisers

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