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MLQU explores a collaboration with “Katapat” network: GMA Network, Inc.

One of the best virtues ingrained in the Filipino psyche is “neighborliness.” This is expressed in sharing what one has with one’s “kapitbahay” such as backyard garden harvest, farm tools, and even one’s cooking.

It is in this spirit that MLQU executives crossed the footbridge over to the “katapat” neighboring GMA Network, Inc. to offer our expertise in education in exchange for their expertise in communication.

The offer was warmly received by GMA Network counterpart executives and the meeting ended with an initial agreement. Although the details are still being worked out, it essentially consists of MLQU providing scholarships to GMA artists, and in turn, the said network will promote/advertise the university in their online outlets and channels and other activities. A follow-up meeting is being scheduled to take place soon.

Barring any impediments, some MLQU students will soon find themselves sitting with GMA artists in class. Isn’t that one great reason for being a Quezonian?

Kapuso na, katapat na kabitbahay pa!


Shown in the photo are (from left, standing) MLQU Board of Regent in charge of External Affairs and Special Concerns, Atty Ria Corazon A. Golez-Cabrera and Executive Vice President Maria Teresa Jose O. Acuzar-Atienza; GMA Sparkle artists; (seated) GMA Senior Vice President Anna Teresa M. Gozon-Valdes and Vice President Jose Mari R. Abacan.

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