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MLQU Commemorates National Reading Month with Enthusiastic Celebrations

In the spirit of promoting literacy and fostering a love for reading among its students, MLQU recently marked the national Reading Month with a week-long celebration that engaged students in various exciting activities.  The event was particularly noteworthy for the Senior High School students who actively participate in an array of events, culminating in a grand ceremony on November 29, where the winners were acknowledged and awarded for their literary prowess.

The Senior High School’s celebration spanned the entire week and featured a diverse set of activities designed to ignite the creative and literary sparks within the students.  Among the highlights were the On-the-Spot Poetry Writing contest, challenging students to showcase their spontaneous poetic talents.  This not only encouraged creativity but also provided a platform for students to express themselves through the art of words.

Adding a touch of flair and imagination to the festivities, the Book character Costumes event allowed students to embody their favorite literary characters.  This not only demonstrated their understanding of the characters but also showcased their enthusiasm for literature in a fun and interactive manner.

The celebration took an interesting turn with the inclusion of Dramatic Monologue and Speech Choir competitions.  These events encouraged students to delve into the world of performance, combining literature and the performing arts.  The participants captivated the audience with their expressive monologues and synchronized speech choir performance, highlighting the power of words and the impact of oral expression.

The culmination of the Senior High School activities was the grand ceremony held on November 29, where the outstanding participants and winners were recognized and awarded for their exceptional contributions.  This not only served as a motivation for the students but also emphasized the importance of celebrating literary achievements.

What made this celebration even more significant was the fact that MLQU’s National Reading Month was not confined to a specific school level; rather, it was a school-wide event that encompassed all levels of education within the institution.  This inclusive approach helped create a sense of unity among students and fostered a shared appreciation for literature throughout the entire MLQU community.

To further underscore MLQU’s commitment to promoting a culture of reading, the institution strategically timed the soft opening of its Community Library on the same day as the culmination ceremony.  The library aims to provide students with a dedicated space for exploration, learning, and discovery through an extensive collection of books and resources.  This initiative aligns with MLQU’s vision of creating an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love for reading.

In addition, to the community library opening, MLQU also launched Books Clubs as part of the National Reading Month festivities.  These clubs offer the students the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions, share their literary insights, and explore a variety of genres collaboratively.  The Book Clubs aim to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie among students with shared literary interests.

In conclusion, MLQU’s celebration of National Reading Month was a resounding success, fostering a culture of literacy, creativity, and collaboration among its students.  By incorporating a diverse range of activities, recognizing literary achievements, and expanding the institution’s resources with the opening of the Community Library and Book Clubs, MLQU is actively contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals with a passion for literature and learning.

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