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MLQU Collaborates with Land Transportation Authority (LTO) for Continuing Education Forum

In a bid to foster continuous learning and development, the Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) has partnered with the Land Transportation Authority (LTO) for a Continuing Education Forum aimed at reorienting LTO Central Office officials and employees.  This initiative underscores MLQU’s commitment to reach out to diverse sectors, including the government sector, and assist them in meeting their education and upskilling needs. 

A Shared Commitment to Lifelong Learning

The LTO, as a government agency responsible for regulating land transportation in the Philippines, recognizes the importance of equipping its workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to an ever-evolving landscape.  The collaboration between MLQU and LTO seeks to address this need by offering continuing education opportunities to LTO officials and employees.

The Continuing Education Forum

The Continuing Education Forum, organized by MLQU, commenced with the first batch of LTO Central officials and employees.  The event served as a platform for MLQU’s School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and School of Law (SOL) to present their respective programs tailored for working professionals who aspire to continue their education.

MLQU’s representatives, Ms. Charmaine Pineda and Ms. Felisa Hernandez, explained the various modes of teaching and the flexibility that the university offers to facilitate classes for working students.  Recognizing the importance of accommodating the busy schedule of LTO employees, MLQU emphasized its commitment to providing a conducive learning environment that suits their needs.

Proximity and Convenience

One of the significant advantage of this collaboration is the proximity of MLQU’s campus to the LTO Central Office.  Located in close proximity, MLQU is an ideal choice for LTO officials and employees seeking to further their education.  The convenience of attending classes near their workplace reduces commuting time and enhances their ability to work and pursue higher education seamlessly.

Programs Tailored for Working Professionals

MLQU’s SGS and SOL offer programs designed specifically for working professionals.  These programs consider the unique challenges and time constraints faced by individuals juggling their careers with individual pursuits.

By offering evening and weekend classes in-campus or on-site, online and hybrid learning options, and a variety of course without disrupting their school schedules, MLQU ensures that LTO employees can pursue higher education without disrupting their professional responsibilities.  This commitment to flexibility is pivotal in enabling these individuals to upskill and achieve their academic goals.

In conclusion, the collaboration between MLQU and LTO represents a significant step towards enhancing the educational opportunities available to government officials and employees.  Through the Continuing Education Forum, MLQU’s SGS and SOL have demonstrated their dedication to accommodating the needs of working professionals, making it easier for them to pursue higher education.

As this collaboration continues, it is expected to not only benefit the LTO but also serve as a model for partnerships between educational institutions and government agencies.  By facilitating access to education and training, MLQU and LTO are contributing to the professional growth and development of their employees, ultimately strengthening the workforce and the nation as a whole.

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