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MLQU and PNP Discuss Possible Partnership to Enhance Career Development for Police Personnel

On May 24, 2023, the Manuel L Quezon University (MLQU) had the honor of being invited by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Deputy Chief for Administration PLTGEN Rhodel Sermonia, to make a presentation on its program offerings.  The meeting aimed to explore options for MLQU to provide career development opportunities for the men and women of the PNP.

Representing MLQU were Atty. Ria Corazon Golez-Cabrera, Vice President for External Affairs, University Registrar Myra Ramos and Ms. Chairmaine Pineda of the School of Law.  The PNP delegation included General Sermonia, as well as the heads of the PNP Directorate for Human Resources and Doctrine Development and Legal Service.

One of the key advantages of MLQU’s program delivery method is its online mode of class delivery.  This allows PNP personnel, including those stationed in various regions, to enroll in, and complete the programs without geographic limitations.  The flexibility and accessibility of MLQU’s offering make it an ideal partner for the PNP’s career development initiatives.

After a productive discussion, the meeting concluded with both MLQU and the PNP reaching an agreement to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  Under this MOA, MLQU committed to providing competent education and training tailored to meet the specific career development needs of the PNP personnel.

One of the notable provisions of the proposed MOA is the offering of Legal Education program specifically designed for interested and willing personnel.  This program aims to equip them with the necessary legal knowledge and skills to enhance their capabilities in law enforcement and administration.  By offering specialized programs aligned with the PNP’s need, MLQU aims to contribute to the professional growth and development of the police force.


The collaboration between MLQU and the PNP is a significant step towards empowering the men and women in uniform with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their careers.  By forging partnerships with esteemed educational institutions like MLQU, the PNP demonstrates its commitment to continuous learning and professional advancement.

MLQU has a long-standing reputation for providing quality education and nurturing future leaders.  With its wide range of programs and expertise, the university is well-positioned to support the PNP’s goals of career development and professional excellence.  The partnership between MLQU and the PNP will undoubtedly pave the way for a stronger, more competent police force that can effectively serve and protect the Filipino people.

As soon as the MOA is signed, MLQU and the PNP are poised to embark on an exciting journey of collaboration and shared growth.  Through this partnership, MLQU will play a vital role in shaping the future of the PNP by providing career-enhancing opportunities and empowering police personnel to become well-rounded professionals in their respective fields.


Overall, the meeting between MLQU and the PNP marks a significant milestone in fostering a dynamic relationship between the academic and law enforcement sectors.  It is a testament to the shared commitment to excellence and the belief in the transformative power of education.  Together, MLQU and the PNP are poised to create a brighter future for the men and women who dedicate their lives to keeping the nation safe.

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