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MLQU and MMDA Sign MOA to Foster Collaboration and Professional Development

In a significant move towards fostering professional development and cooperation, Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  This partnership, which encompasses various areas of collaboration, represents a vital step in enhancing the capabilities and expertise of MMDA personnel, while furthering the advancement of public administration and urban planning management in Metro Manila.

The MOA, officially inked by MMDA Acting Chairman Romando S. Artes and MLQU Executive Vice President Lucille P. Ortile, outlines an extensive framework for collaboration.  It signifies a shared commitment to nurturing an environment of mutual growth, where the exchange of knowledge and resources will play a pivotal role in realizing the potential of Metro Manila.

The agreement covers several key areas for collaboration:

  1. Continuing Education for MMDA Personnel. Perhaps the most notable aspect of this collaboration is the provision of continuing education for MMDA personnel by MLQU.  In recognition of the rapidly evolving nature of urban management, this initiative seeks to ensure that MMDA staff are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge needed for effective decision-making and problem-solving.
  2. Curriculum Development. MLQU and MMDA will work together to develop curriculum content tailored to the specific needs of MMDA, focusing on public administration, urban planning, disaster resilience, environmental protection, and pollution control. This effort will serve to foster reciprocal benefits by aligning academic expertise with real-world challenges faced by MMDA.
  3. Research Initiatives. Collaborative research will be conducted, with a particular emphasis on areas, such as traffic management optimization, disaster resilience and preparedness, urban planning and development, and environmental protection. This research will not only contribute to the academic community but will also provide valuable insights to guide MMDA’s policies and initiatives.
  4. Student Experience. MLQU students will benefit from practical, on-the-job training opportunities within MMDA.  This hands-on experience will help them gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and complexities of urban management, preparing them for future roles in public administration.
  5. Knowledge Exchange. The MOA facilitates the sharing of knowledge between MMDA and MLQ, fostering a culture of continuous learning.  This exchange of ideas and experience will serve to enhance the competencies of both institutions.
  6. Sharing of Facilities. In addition to intellectual resources, the collaboration envisions the sharing of physical facilities and infrastructure, allowing both organizations to maximize their assets efficiently.

Notably, before the MOA signing ceremony, MMDA enrolled ten of its personnel in MLQU’s Masters in Public Administration program under a specialized and tailored class structure.  This demonstrates a commitment to immediate upskilling and investment in the professional development of MMDA staff.  Their tuition fees will be covered by MMDA, highlighting the agency’s dedication to nurturing a highly skilled and capable workforce.

Chairman Artes, in his message, underscored the significance of this collaboration emphasizing the critical role it plays in ensuring the professionalism and continued upskilling of MMDA personnel.  He recognized the importance of having a highly competent workforce to meet the evolving challenges of Metro Manila’s development.

EVP Ortile expressed her gratitude for MMDA’s trust in MLQU to deliver the necessary continuing education and training.  She assured that MLQU is fully committed to providing high-quality academic learning tailored to the mandate of MMDA.  She reiterated that the university will take the areas of collaboration seriously, with the ultimate goal of supporting MMDA in its mission to make Metro Manila a more efficient and resilient metropolis.

The MOA between MLQU and MMDA represents a significant stride towards improving urban management and public administration in Metro Manila.  It is a testament to the power of collaboration between academic institutions and government agencies, fostering a culture of excellence, professionalism and continuous learning for the betterment of the cities and their residents.  As this partnership unfolds, it is expected to yield innovative solutions and insights that will ultimately lead to a more efficient and sustainable Metro Manila.

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