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MLQU Alumni Association Inc. holds Testimonial Dinner for 2022 Bar Passers

The MLQU Alumni Association Inc. held a testimonial dinner on April 22, 2023, at the Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong City to honor the 2022 Bar passers. 

The event was attended by several esteemed MLQU alumni, including Mayor Benjamin Abalos, Justice Artemio Tuguero, and Justice Carlito Calpatura.  MLQU Management was represented by Atty. Gilbert Viloria, the Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs.

Mayor Abalos led the induction of the new lawyers to the MLQU Alumni Association welcoming them to the prestigious organization.  The testimonial dinner was a momentous occasion for the new lawyers, who had worked tirelessly to pass the grueling Bar exams.

During the event, Atty. Jennefer Estabillo shared her Bar journey with the audience.  She recounted her frustration at failing to take the 2020/2021 Bar exams due to testing positive for Covid 19.  However, she persevered and hurdled the November 2022 Bar exam, landing a spot in the top 30.

Atty. Estabillo’s inspiring story served as a beacon of hope and motivation for the new lawyers in attendance.  Her determination and resilience in the face of adversity were a testament to the values instilled in MLQU graduates.

The testimonial dinner was a fitting tribute to the new lawyers, celebrating their hard-earned success and welcoming them into the MLQU Alumni Association.  The event highlighted the values of determination, resilience, and excellence that have come to define MLQU and its graduates.

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