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MLQU Adds a New Layer to Its 75 Years of Distinguished Legacy: Congratulations to Batch 2022!

The members of the MLQU Graduating Class of 2022 completed their academic journey when they received their diplomas, which represented the various academic titles and degrees conferred on them during the 75th Commencement Rites held on 11 December 2022.

All in all, there were 160 graduates: 47 from the School of Law, 24 from the School of Graduate Studies, 48 from the School of Civil Engineering, 23 from the School of Architecture, 5 from the School of Criminology, and 13 from the School of Management, Accountancy, and Real Estate.  

The said affair was programmed in 3 clusters, one after the other, grouped according to Schools: Law was held at 9 to 10:30 a.m. Graduate Studies from 1 to 2:30 p.m., and Undergraduate Studies from 3 to 4:30 p.m. 

Board of Regents Member and Executive Vice President Maria Teresa Jose O. Acuzar-Atienza gave a special message to each batch, with stirring words to inspire them to take home as they open a new chapter in their lives. To the Law graduates, she exhorted them “to serve the ends of justice everywhere.” To the graduate students, she goaded them to “dedicate your higher education for the betterment of our nation and for a better, wiser, and brighter world.” To the graduates of various undergraduate studies, she counseled them to “keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground,” quoting American President Theodore Roosevelt. Knowing that each will now seek personal advancement, she enjoined them not to forget “the precepts and principles shared with you by your distinguished professors and to keep in your heart, soul, and mind the MLQU brand of education, which has been the source of pride for our alumni.”

The graduating classes heard more inspirational messages from keynote speakers for each cluster:  Mayor Benjamin S. Abalos, Sr., an MLQU School of Law alumnus, for the graduating class of the School of Law; Dr. Julieta M. Paras for the Graduate Studies, represented by CHED-NCR OIC Chief Education Program Specialist, Ms. Liza Libertine L. Magana; and Mr. Jaime I. Cabangis, also an MLQU alumnus, for the graduating class of the various undergraduate schools.

The members of the various undergraduate schools, however, were delighted by the motivating presence of Mr. Jaime I. Cabangis as their guest speaker. A full-blooded Quezonian, Mr. Cabangis completed his primary, secondary, and college education at the MLQU.

He rose from the ranks to reach the top of the corporate ladder, holding various top executive positions in several publicly listed and privately held companies, including as President and CEO of Asia Amalgamated Holdings and its subsidiaries and other big corporations.

Aside from Ms. Acuzar-Atienza, other MLQU officials were present at each event, including members of the Board of Regents, and Executive Vice Preisdent Mary Antoniette Lucille P. Ortile, Atty. Richard Roger T. Amurao, Atty. Ria Corazon A. Golez-Cabrera.

Also in attendance were the respective Deans of the various MLQU schools: School of Law Dean Ferdinand M. Negre of the School of Law, Dean, and School of General Education Department OIC.Dean Jaime G. Ang of the School of Graduate Studies, Dean Rosauro Angelo J. Rodriguez of the School of Criminal Justice, and Dean Godofredo C. Cualteros, Jr. of the School of Management, Accountancy, and Real Estate Management.

It is significant to note that the members of MLQU Class 2022 received their diplomas as the school marks a historic milestone: its 75th Anniversary. They now stand on the foundation of a distinguished legacy built by those who have come to MLQU as a “perpetual fountain to imbibe wisdom.”

Long may the words from the MLQU hymn continue to echo in the corridors of their memory.

Patriotism and rectitude
Oh, Alma Mater, our dear MLQU
To thee our hearts shall forever beat,
Thy light shall never
Be dimmed by the years

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