Mission, Vision and Objectives


The MLQU School Engineering shall offer high quality and relevant educational and research programs that will globally contribute to the economic development of the region and nation.  



The MLQU School of Engineering aims to provide the knowledge and tools that will enable a diverse body of students, faculty, staff and alumni to: 

1.Provide quality education to students with advanced skills and knowledge in state-of-the-art research and design in engineering 

2.Train students in preventing , evaluating, and solving engineering problems

3.Inspire future leaders to create and sustain built environment that underpins the society 4.Provide experiences that cultivate a sense of commitment to MLQU, the Engineering profession and their respective communities.

5.Make the school a center of excellence in the field of engineering.                                    




1.To produce quality engineering graduates 

2. To prepare them  for licensure examination or professional certification, building up their confidence in their capability to be worthy of their professional 

3.To make them globally competitive

 4.To instill in them the value of respecting and observing the Canon Law of Ethics.