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Manuel L. Quezon University’s Heartfelt Celebration: MLQU Feb-Ibig Brings the Community Closer

Love was in the air at Manuel L. Quezon University as the campus came alive with vibrant colors and cheerful smiles during the annual tradition dubbed “MLQU Feb-Ibig”.  This beloved celebration brought together the entire community in a heartwarming display of unity and camaraderie on Valentine’s Day.

The MLQU Feb-Ibig tradition has become a staple at the university, turning Valentine’s Day into a festive occasion that transcends romantic love, embracing the spirit of friendship and community.  On this special day, students, faculty and staff gathered on campus dressed in colors that symbolized their relationship status, creating a lively and visually captivating atmosphere.

The highlight of the celebration was the array of activities that catered to everyone regardless of their relationship status.  There were photo booths providing the perfect backdrop for capturing the love and laughter shared among friends.    The booths allowed the community to immortalize their memorable moments, creating lasting mementos of the day’s festivities.

Adding a sweet touch to the celebration was the offering of free ice cream, a delightful treat looked forward to by everyone.  The pleasant weather played its part, creating an atmosphere that was not too hot, allowing participants to enjoy their frozen delights while basking in the festive ambience.

Film showings further enhanced the chill atmosphere, providing a relaxed setting for individuals and groups to enjoy movies that resonate to the occasion.  Whether participants were in the mood for romance, musical, or adventure, the film showings offered a diverse selection that catered to various tastes, making it a delightful experience for everyone.

One could not help but feel the warmth and positivity in the air as everyone exchanged Happy Valentine’s wishes and shared smiles.  The MLQU Feb-Ibig celebration went beyond romantic notions, emphasizing the importance of spreading love and joy within the community.

Trinkets were also available for purchase, adding an extra layer of charm to the celebration.  From heart shape accessories to cute and quirky trinkets, these items not only lent a good chill but also created an environment of good vibes and positive energy.

As the day unfolded, MLQU’s Feb-Ibig celebration proved to be more than just a Valentine’s Day event — it was a testament to the strong sense of community and camaraderie that defines the university.  The joyous atmosphere coupled with the creative expressions of love and friendship, made this annual tradition a cherished moment for everyone at MLQU.  As the sun set on this heartwarming celebration, the echoes of laughter and memories created during MLQU’s Feb-Ibig lingered, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of the university community.

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