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Manuel L. Quezon University Senior High School Culminates Science Month Celebration with Remarkable Events

February is an extraordinary month for science enthusiasts, and Manuel L. Quezon University’s Senior High School ensured that this year’s Science Month celebration was nothing short of spectacular.  The school embraced the officials theme, “Siyensya, Teknolohiya, at Inobasyon: Kabalikat sa Matatag, Maginhawa, at Panatag na Kinabukasan,” encapsulating the essence of science, technology, and innovation as partners in building a resilient, comfortable and secure future.

On February 15, the Senior High School held its culminating program, bringing together students, faculty, and guests to celebrate the significance of science in our daily lives.  The event was a perfect blend of education, entertainment, and competition, featuring a range of activities that showcased the students’ talents and knowledge in the field of science.

The highlight of the celebration was the active participation of senior high school students in various contests, with the Science Quiz Bee taking center stage.  The intellectual showdown not only tested the students’ understanding of scientific concepts but also fostered healthy competition and a spirit of camaraderie among the participants.  The Quiz Bee not only proved to be an intellectual challenge but also a platform for showcasing the students’ passion for science.

Adding a vibrant touch to the celebration were the Expo Booths, where students had the opportunity to present innovative projects and scientific experiments.  These booths served as a visual representation of the students’ dedication and creativity in applying scientific principles to real-world scenarios.  From interactive displays to visually engaging presentations, each booth was a testament to the students’ commitment to exploring boundless possibilities of science and technology.

The Expo Booths were not only a feast for the eyes but also an educational experience for everyone present.  Attendees had the chance to interact with the students, gaining insights into their projects and learning about the potential impact of their innovations on society.  The Booths served as a reminder that the future of science is in the hands of these young minds, brimming with potential and enthusiasm.

To further elevate the celebration, the culminating program also featured guest speakers, notably Architect John Joseph Fernandez, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who shared their expertise and insights on the importance of science, technology, and innovation in today’s world. Their inspirational talks provided the students with a broader perspective on the endless possibilities that a career in science can offer.

The Manuel L. Quezon University Senior High School’s Science Month culminating program was not just an event; it was a celebration of knowledge, innovation, and the bright future that awaits the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.  AS the curtain closed on this year’s festivities, the Senior High School community left with a renewed appreciation for the role of science in shaping a resilient, comfortable, and secure future for all.

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