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Kumustahan 2022

The School of Criminal Justice held its orientation session for new and current students last August 8, 2022 entitled Kumustahan 2022. Dean Rosauro Angelo “Roel” Rodriguez shared the vision and strategies for a World Class MLQU School of Criminal Justice covering People, Systems and Resources.

Representing the President and MLQU Administration, Executive Vice-President Ms. Mary Antoniette Lucille P. Ortile conveyed a clear, emphatic message to the attendees that our students are our “Bosses” and the school will ensure that it provides the best service for them.

In the same session, representing the public sector, PCol Jaime O. Santos, Chief of Police of Las Pinas CPS, assured our students of the good reputation of the MLQU Alumni in the Police Service. He also shared his experiences as an MLQU Criminology student and highlighted the value of focusing on one’s studies and preparing well for the board exams as these are critical components for success in the Police service starting with the time of application.

Ma. Filipina J. Rodriguez, Asia Pacific Security Director of one of the biggest banks in the world shared her great experiences as well as a student of MLQU both in the School of Criminology and the School of Law. She highlighted the many opportunities for a licensed Criminologist both in the public and private sector. While Ms. Rodriguez discussed the value of having outstanding professors in the MLQU School of Criminology as per her experience, she also emphasized the importance for the students to listen to their Professors as their learnings will help guide them into the future.

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