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Introducing the New Dean of the School of Criminal Justice (SCJ): Dr. Adriatico B. Del Camat, Jr.

The School of Criminal Justice (SCJ) is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Dean, Dr. Adriatico B. Del Camat, Jr.  Dr. Del Camat brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role.

Dr. Del Camat has been an esteemed member of the SCJ faculty since 2004, contributing significantly to the field of criminal justice education.  In addition to his work at SCJ, he is also a dedicated educator at various institutions, including the Philippine Christian University, Jose Rizal University, Philippine Public Safety College, and Philippine National Police Academy.

Before joining the academia, Dr. Del Camat served in the Philippine National Police (PNP) for many years, retiring in 2016 as a full colonel (PSSUPT).  During his time in the PNP, he held several key positions, including Deputy Chief of the Intelligence and Investigation Division.  His extensive experience in law enforcement provides him with unique insights into the challenges faced by criminal justice professionals.

Dr. Del Camat’s educational achievements are impressive. He earned his PhD in Development Administration from the Philippine Christian University (PCU), his Master in Public Administration from Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU), his Bachelor Laws from Far Eastern University (FEU), and his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications also from FEU.  Moreover, he has successfully passed various licenses and certifications, such as the NAPOLCOM Superintendent Level Examination and the Police Service Examination.

Throughout his career, Dr. Del Camat has received numerous accolades, including the Faculty Service Award from the National Police College and Philippine Public Safety College, among others.  Additionally, he was recognized for his academic excellence graduating in the top five of his class in the Public Safety Senior Executive Course at the National Police College.

As the new Dean of SCJ, Dr. Del Camat has set forth ambitious goals for the school. His vision includes a comprehensive review of the curriculum to ensure that it remains relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of the criminal justice field.  He also aims to enhance internal policies, focusing on promoting a culture of character development among students and faculty members.  Dr. Del Camat recognizes the importance of leadership development and intends to conduct seminars to nurture leadership skills among students. 

Another priority of Dr. Del Camat is to provide ample opportunities for board examination and review enabling SCJ graduates to excel in their professional careers.  He also plans to foster collaboration with national and local government agencies and private organizations, creating partnerships that will enhance the practical aspects of education in SCJ.

In addition, Dr. Del Camat aims to organize management development seminars,  equipping students with the necessary skills to become effective managers in the criminal justice field. To further enrich the educational experience, he intends to arrange educational tours to PNP schools and camps, providing students with valuable insights and exposure.

Benchmarking will be a crucial aspect of Dr. Del Camat’s approach.  By studying successful criminal justice program both locally and internationally, he hopes to identify best practices and implement them at SCJ, ensuring that the school remains at the forefront of criminal justice education.

With his vast experience, strong educational background, and ambitious plans, Dr. Adriatico B. Del Camat, Jr. is well-positioned to lead the School of Criminal Justice into a new era of excellence.  The SCJ community eagerly anticipates the positive impact he will undoubtedly make in preparing future criminal justice professionals for the challengers of the modern world.

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