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Interview with Dr. Godofredo C. Cualteros, Jr. Dean of the School of Business of MLQU: Setting the Vision for Success

In a recent interview conducted by Ms. Cassandra Lopez, Dr. Godofredo C. Cualteros, Jr., the Dean of the School of Business at MLQU, shared his thoughts and vision for the School of Business, particularly for the upcoming School Year 2023 to 2024.

When asked about his plans for the School of Business in the immediate term, Dr. Cualteros emphasized the need to increase the number of enrollees and ensure updated collections of tuition fee accounts.  He also highlighted the importance of regular dialogues and meetings with students to address any concerns raised.  To stay competitive, the School of Business aims to reinforce business communication skills among its students.

In the short-term, Dr. Cualteros aims to enhance the quality of teaching faculty members within the School of Business.  He believes that maintaining an updated curriculum, responsive to the needs of the profession, is crucial.  Additionally, the school plans to provide support to students in their extra and co-curricular activities.  Dr. Cualteros also expressed his intention to establish and develop linkages with private feeder business schools and marketing agents.

Looking at the long-term goals for the School of Business, Dr. Cualteros envisions producing CPA Board topnotchers in the Accountancy program and positioning the school among the top accounting schools in the region.  Becoming a school of choice among business schools and having graduates who are preferred by the corporate world are aspirations that he aims to achieve.

When asked about the initiatives to improve further the licensure examination performance of Accountancy and Real Estate Management graduates, Dr. Cualteros emphasized the importance of adopting a solid foundation through rigorous foundation courses in basic accounting and Real Estate Management.  He stressed the need to maintain a pool of quality professors and regularly review their performance.  To ensure that students are well-prepared, the school will employ a screening process for those who should qualify to pursue major accounting courses.  Dr. Cualteros also emphasized the need for well-equipped review classes for the board exams, starting from junior to senior years.

In terms of learning culture and student journey in the School of Business, Dr. Cualteros envisions adopting a practical and experiential approach to teaching.  This includes enhancing theories with practical business applications and inviting resource speakers and industry experts to share their experiences.  He emphasized the importance of exposing students to the actual application of their courses, such as visiting manufacturing plants, construction projects, and service sites.  Dr. Cualteros also expressed the school’s openness to suggestions and new ideas from the MLQU community, with the desire to implement proposed programs.

In regard to the edge or advantage of MLQU’s program, Dr. Cualteros highlighted the full support of the management and the well-crafted mission and vision statements of the School of Business.  He emphasized that having quality professors who are leaders in their own industries is a significant advantage.  Furthermore, MLQU’s business programs have produced successful entrepreneurs and luminaries in both the business and political arenas.  Dr. Cualteros also praised the reasonably priced business programs and the accommodating administrative personnel who are willing and happy to serve and will go the extra mile to resolve and address the concerns of students.

With Dr. Cualteros’ vision and strategic initiative, MLQU’ School of Business aims to provide its students with a holistic and practical education, empowering them to become successful professionals in their chosen fields.  The commitment to continuous improvement and the development of strong linkages with industry partners positions MLQU’s School of Business as a prominent institution for business education.

Dr. Cualteros is a highly accomplished Business Advisor and Strategist with an impressive background.  Currently serving as the Dean of the MLQU School of Business, he brings a wealth of experience to his role.  In addition, Dean Sonny, as he is fondly called, holds a leadership position in the Philippine operations of Flex Professional Resources Corporation (FPRC), a subsidiary of Global Flex Resources Inc. based in Silicon Valley, Cupertino CA, USA.  As a member of the firm RBB International of France, Flex operates on an international scale.  With over three decades of experience in local and international markets, Dean Sonny’s expertise stems fro his tenure with the renowned firms, such as Ernst and Young (EY), Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG), and Grand Thornton, CA, USA.  He began his career as an Auditor with SGV & Co. and has held executive roles in various conglomerates across multiple countries.  Dean Sonny is a distinguished member of professional accounting bodies, including the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) and the Brunei Institute of CPAs (BICPA).  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Major in Accounting) from San Beda University, an MBA from De La Salle University Graduate School of Business and Economics, and a Ph.D in Business Management from the International Academy of Management and Economics.

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