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Inspiring Teacher’s Volunteer Work Recognized: Micah Simon’s Journey from Serving Indigenous Communities to Licensure

Micah Simon, a dedicated teacher a MLQU Senior High School, recently achieved a significant milestone by passing the licensure exam for teachers.  While her accomplishment is noteworthy, what truly sets her apart is her remarkable journey as a volunteer teacher among the indigenous communities.  Ms. Simon’s dedication and commitment to making a difference in the lives of marginalized individuals have garnered attention, leading to her being featured in renowned news outlet Rappler.  Let’s delve into Ms.Simon’s inspiring story of service and her impact on indigenous communities.


A Passion for Teaching and Service

A graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP) with a degree in BA Philippine Studies, Ms. Simon’s journey as a volunteer teacher began in 2017 when she embarked on a mission to help the Lumad community in Mindanao.  The Lumad are indigenous people residing in various regions of Mindanao, facing numerous challenges, including displacement due to escalating militarization.  Ms. Simon’s passion for teaching and her desire to make a positive impact on marginalized communities drove her to engage in volunteer work.


Teaching in Lumad and Aeta Communities

Ms. Simon’s first volunteer teaching experience was at a Lumad Bakwit School,  established to provide education to indigenous people who had been displaced.  This school catered to students representing diverse indigenous communities, such as the Mandaya, Manobo, B’laan, and Matigsalo.  Ms. Simon dedicated her time and expertise to empower these students, enabling them to access education despite the challenges they faced.  Driven by her commitment to educational equity, Ms. Simon expanded her teaching endeavors to the Aeta community in Tarlac.  Every Sunday, she volunteered at Liwanag at Dunong, where she taught members of the Aeta community.  Through her selfless actions, Ms. Simon became a beacon of hope, empowering individuals who have been historically marginalized and denied their education rights.


Recognition by Rappler

Ms. Simon’s exceptional dedication and contribution to the indigenous communities caught the attention of Rappler, a prominent news outlet known for its coverage of social issues and inspiring stories.  Recognizing her significant role as a volunteer teacher, Rappler featured Ms.  Simon in an article highlighting her efforts and the positive impact she had made on the lives of the indigenous peoples.


Fulfillment in Making a Difference

For Ms. Simon, teaching the indigenous communities brought a deep sense of fulfillment. By helping these marginalized individuals gain access to education, she aimed to break the cycle of inequality and empower them to create a better future for themselves and their communities.  Ms. Simon’s selflessness and passion for teaching exemplify the qualities that MLQU values in its faculty members – dedication, commitment and alignment with the university’s student-centric goals.


A Noble Act

Ms. Simon’s journey from volunteer teacher to licensed educator is truly inspiring.  Her unwavering commitment to serving indigenous communities, coupled with her passion for teaching, has not only transformed the lives of her students but has also gained recognition from esteemed media outlets like Rappler.  Ms. Simon’s story serves as a testament to the power of education and the profound impact that dedicated teachers can have on their students.  As Ms. Simon continues her teaching career, this time in MLQU Senior High School, her experience as a volunteer teacher will undoubtedly shape her approach and enrich the lives of her students, fostering a student-centric environment at the university.

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