Happy Easter to the Quezonian community!

Happy Easter to the Quezonian community!

As a student, you have just gone through the midterm exams, a major hurdle towards the finish line of Academic Year 2023. I hope that you and members of your class in your respective chosen programs had a breeze during the exams. If so, that’s an indication that you have effectively absorbed what was taught to you by your mentors.

While you were busy with your respective studies, many little things have been happening for the better within the university.

First of all MLQU has adopted innovative systems to serve the students better. Specifically, we are shifting to a more effective and efficient Academic Information and Management System that makes the enrollment process faster and more user friendly.

You must have noticed that we have improved the look of our campus and we will continue to do so as work is still in progress to make the school environment more appealing to the whole Quezonian community. After all, MLQU is your home away from home.

Feel free to make use of enclosed and open spaces specially allocated for students to lounge on when not in the classrooms. There is now an operational cafeteria so you no longer need go out of campus to buy lunch or snacks.

We have also successfully reached agreement with the management of Victoria Sports Gym to allow the use of its world class gym facilities and amenities for our Physical Education Classes in all levels. Other student activities may also be held there.

There is now a student council whose members have been elected by students themselves. They will be your representatives to ensure that you have a voice in all matters affecting your student life.

Student activities are continuously being organized to ensure that there is balance in your student life. This is part of the university’s mission not only to help you achieve academic excellence but above all provide you with a well-rounded education that leads to a fully developed personality.

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