Graduation of our Class of 2023

I am thrilled to announce the joyous occasion of the graduation of our Class of 2023! It is with immense pride that we celebrate the accomplishment of our 215 graduates, who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, perseverance, and a huge commitment to  academic development throughout their time here at MLQU.

The theme for this year’s graduation is “Transforming Dreams, Achieving Greatness: A Journey to Success.” As these graduates embark on a new chapter in their lives, we encourage them to embrace the transformative power of their dreams and to tirelessly pursue greatness in all their endeavors. This theme reminds us that the journey to success is an on-going process, where dreams are nurtured, ambitions are realized, and extraordinary achievements are made.

To our dear graduates, as you embark on this new phase of your lives, remember that it is never goodbye.  You are now part of our esteemed alumni community, and the bond we share should continue to flourish.  We encourage you to stay connected with the MLQU family, as your experiences and insights can inspire and guide the next generation of students.  Your success reflects the strength of our institution, and we are confident that you will make a profound impact on the world.

I would also like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the academic awardees among our graduating class.  Your outstanding achievements exemplify the highest standards of academic excellence and serve as an inspiration to your peers and the entire MLQU community.  We applaud your dedication, hard work, and unwavering pursuit of knowledge.

For those of you who will be proceeding to take the bar examination and other licensure examinations, I want you to know that MLQU stands firmly behind you.  We have full confidence in your abilities, and we will be here rooting for you every step of the way.  Our dedicated faculty and staff are ready to provide any support or assistance you may need during this critical phase of your journey.  Your success in these examinations will not only be a testament to your individual capabilities, but will also reflect the quality of education and preparation you received here at MLQU.

As we bid farewell to the Class of 2023, we want you to know that your Alma Mater will always be here for you.  MLQU will continue to provide a nurturing environment for learning and personal growth, supporting you in all your future endeavors. Stay connected, stay engaged, and always remember that you are part of the MLQU family.

Congratulations once again, Class of 2023! May your dreams continue to inspire you and may you achieve greatness in every aspect of your lives.

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