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Exploring Emotions in Colors: The Successful “Emotions in Colors” Art Therapy Workshop by Kim Cruz

Art has always been a powerful medium for self-expression and emotional release.  In this spirit, the recent art therapy workshop titled “Emotions in Colors,” led by the accomplished young visual artist Kim Cruz, emerged as a resounding success. Held from August 15 to 18 at the Melbourne Hall in Victoria Sports Tower, the workshop provided participants with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of art and emotions, resulting in an experience that was both therapeutic as it was enlightening.

The workshop garnered substantial interest, as the fifty available seats were promptly filled.  The diverse group of participants ranged from Senior High School students to those enrolled in undergraduate programs, with some enthusiastic walk-in participants, as well.  What united them was a shared curiosity and a willingness to explore the realm of art therapy, even if most of them had little or no prior experience with canvasses and brushes.

Kim Cruz, a renowned name in the contemporary art scene, led the participants through a transformative journey using acrylic as the chosen medium.  Through a well-crafted curriculum, participants were introduced to a variety of art techniques, including brushwork and paint mixing.  Kim’s guidance enabled even the most novice of participant to engage confidently in their artistic endeavors.

The workshop kicked off with a poignant exercise where participants were tasked with illustrating their emotions through the medium of colors.  Eleven squares on a sketching paper became their emotional palette, each shade representing a unique feeling.  This exercise proved to be both liberating and introspective, as participants discovered how colors could serve as a bridge between their inner world and the external canvas.

Building on this emotional foundation, the workshop then ventured into a more profound territory.  Participants were encouraged to depict themselves, in any form, as subjects on the canvas.  This exercise not only promoted self-reflection but also allowed for the exploration of personal identity through the lens of art.  Under Kim Cruz’s guidance, participants unearthed hidden layers of their self-perception, translating them into strokes of acrylic brilliance.

The Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) provided the perfect backdrop for this transformative workshop.  With a commitment to fostering wellness and holistic development, the university aligned with Ms. Cruz’s advocacy for promoting art therapy.  This partnership was a testament to the growing recognition of art’s ability to heal and rejuvenate the spirit.

The culmination of the workshop promises to be equally enriching.  The artworks created during the workshop are set to be exhibited on campus, inviting the entire community to witness the tangible results of emotional exploration through art.  The exhibition not only celebrates the participants’ artistic achievements but also spreads awareness about the therapeutic potential of art.

Due to the overwhelming demand and the resounding success of the initial workshop, discussions with Kim Cruz are underway for a highly anticipated part II.  This upcoming installment, tentatively scheduled for September, is expected to build upon the emotional journey undertaken in the first workshop.  With each session, more lives will be touched, and the transformative power of art therapy will continue to spread its wings.  As the artworks find their place on campus walls, they not only tell stories of personal growth but also serve as a vivid reminder that art is a universal language that speaks to the soul.  With the prospect of future workshops, the journey of self-discovery through art is only just beginning.

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