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Exploring Art and Mindfulness: Kim Cruz’s Second Art Therapy Class

Art has long been recognized as a therapeutic outlet for the human soul.  It can provide a sanctuary for personal expression and healing, fostering mindfulness and mental well-being.  Ms. Kim Cruz, a renowned young Filipino artist, has been a passionate advocate of this philosophy.  Her Art Therapy class, dubbed “Creative Continuum:  Exploring Artistic Growth and Innovation,” recently embarked on its second session, creating an intimate, transformative, and enlightening experience for its 30 participants.

Held at the splendid Las Casas De Filipinas – Juico, this three-day event brought together a diverse group of individuals, primarily from the general public, with some participants from Manuel L. Quezon University which sponsored the event.  The venue with its old Spanish colonial architectural charm, added a unique ambience to the event, setting the stage for a creative and immersive journey into the world of art therapy. 

In this second session, the focus was on landscape painting using acrylics, a subject matter that resonated with the participants.  Ms. Kim Cruz, with her vast knowledge and artistic expertise, carefully guided everyone through the fundamentals of painting with acrylics.  Participants were not required to have any prior background in painting, as the class was designed to be accessible to all.

Kim started with the basic approaches and taught step by step, allowing students to grasp the fundamental techniques required for acrylic painting.  Her goal was to equip her students with the essential skills, ensuring that they could continue their artistic journey independently, having acquired a strong foundation.

The two-hour sessions each day were a time of pure creativity and self-discovery.  Students were encouraged not to let their thoughts and worries intrude but rather to grow within the act of painting.  This aspect is closely tied to MLQU’s advocacy to promote mindfulness and mental well-being through artistic expression.

Unlike the first session, where participants were free to create whatever they wished, this time the specific instruction was to focus on landscape painting.  The choice of landscape as a subject matter was intentional, as it often allows individuals to connect with nature, evoke emotions, and find solace in its beauty.  Participant were guided to immerse themselves in the serene world of landscapes, using acrylics as their medium to capture the essence of the outdoors on their canvases.

The diverse mix of participants, both from the general public and MLQU, brought a rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to the class.  This diversity enriched the learning experience, as participants shared their unique stories and insights, leading to a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere that extended beyond the canvas.

At the end of the three-day journey, participants left with not only beautiful landscape paintings but also a sense of fulfillment and self-discovery.  Ms. Kim Cruz’s Art Therapy class not only nurtured their artistic skills but also provided a means for them to explore their inner landscapes, fostering personal growth and innovation.  It was a truly transformative experience, and one that serves as a testament to the power of art in promoting mindfulness and mental well-being.  The Creative Continuum continues to inspire and nurture creative souls on their journey toward self-discovery and artistic growth.

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