Excellence: Three Quarters of a Century and Beyond

Three quarters of a century ago, 75 years to be exact, in 1947, the Manuel L Quezon University (MLQU) was born. In a manner of speaking, MLQU is a baby boomer, like many of the leaders we have now who were born right after World War II – and who are still a force to reckon with in this country, the movers and shakers of Philippine Society.

Springboard for a New Growth Platform. So, so it is with a deep sense of pride and honor that we observe MLQU’s 75th anniversary with both a heartwarming celebration and a deeply felt thanksgiving for this momentous event. This is especially so, as we make this event a springboard for a new growth platform for this time-honored educational institution, for a much higher standard in education management involving faculty and students – and for the thrilling prospects of new academic programs that will make MLQU shine forth in a constellation of universities in the Philippine firmament.

Let us, therefore, take pause to honor the founders of the University, its distinguished faculty and alumni, who have caught and sustained the vision of a University that is dedicated to uphold excellence in training future leaders of the nation. It has remained true to its mission of empowering students with the finest preparation in arts and sciences – in all professions which are of inestimable value to our Society that has also grown in size, complexity and diversity. Under its new owners and management, the University will experience a new momentum to achieve its lofty goals.

Legal Education: Source of Pride. The University had already made its mark in the field of legal education through its roster of notable alumni and is continually making its name in various other fields. This is something you cannot take away from MLQU, and will always be the University’s source of understandable pride in the next 25 years when the University becomes a Centenarian – and beyond.

MLQU was founded on the tenet, “Pro Patria et Jure” — “For Country and Law” – and we will remain faithful in upholding that credo. MLQU has enjoyed the reputation of being premiere Law School in the country – and it must remain that way. While MLQU’s School of Law remains its flagship academic program, we continue to offer programs that have also made a name for the University.

Opportunities for growth are massive and we can take advantage of the trends in modernization to come up with programs that are relevant to the needs of the times. In the course of these developments, MLQU remains firm to the ideals imbued in the principles of service to country and people, search for truth, wise use of freedom, and academic excellence.

Category of One. MLQU has created its own category of education management, and has remained true to its ideals and principles. MLQU enjoys its own category – more pronounced in academic excellence, sharper in its socio-political relevance, and well-grounded in the realities of our people having one overriding ambition to shape a rewarding career, be of positive value to society, and empower fellow Filipinos.

In a manner of speaking, we are not competing with any other learning institution. Instead, we share a common noble purpose to equip our people for a better, brighter future.

Creating the Future. We are at a historic juncture of MLQU’s history, facing the next 25 years with a remarkable fire of enthusiasm for the future. One management author said, “There is something better than predicting the future: We should create the future.”

When the New San Jose Builders Inc., the parent company MLQU, made a decisive move to transfer the University’s main Campus to Diliman, Quezon City, it had delivered a mighty signal that it is determined, with great resolve, to bring the University into the thick of the action in a bustling metropolis.

Of course, we can add meaning to this move – and we say with a heartwarming declaration that MLQU has come home at last to Quezon City, the namesake of Manuel L Quezon University – sharing a cherished name of much-admired leader in our checkered history.

Planning: More Campuses, Greater Success. Actually, we shall be operating in several campuses, which includes the area in Manila. We have this foresight and insight to see MLQU in every location, and so we bring the quality of MLQU education accessible to every Filipino.

But there is still so much to do. We have managed to put on board Heads of Offices and Deans of Schools who have the proven track record in their respective fields of expertise. While we are still in the process of improving our line-up of administrators, we are simultaneously recruiting top caliber faculty members. Part of what we did was to increase the salary of teachers so we can get the best teachers by offering a competitive salary package. Getting the best teachers would translate to creating the best students who will top professional examinations and will give honor to MLQU.

 Current Leadership: Delivering the Best for MLQU. And this is going to be a long process and the proof of success can only be seen when the students graduate.

What about the “glory days” of MLQU? The days of glory and honor are already in the annals of history of the University. They are both “inspirational” and “aspirational.” They will inspire us to win more glory days in the years to come.  They will drive to aspire for higher, greater, and loftier goals.

Leading this University is now squarely on my shoulders. And my earnest aspiration is this:  My leadership will always be anchored on delivering what I believe will be best for MLQU, its faculty, administrative staff, stakeholders – and our bright-eyed students.

We have a common future. Let’s claim it!


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