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In the spirit of the truism that two are better than one, MLQU and PUP signed a Memorandum of Agreement on October 6, 2022, in which both institutions agreed to share and collaborate in such areas as human and physical resources, program development, production of learning materials, and delivery of courses in different programs of study.

The event was held at the MLQU Melbourne Conference Room, Upper Ground Floor, Victoria Sports Tower. The PUP officials who were present included

Dr. Manuel M. Muhi, President; Dr. Emanuel C. De Guzman, VP for Academic Affairs; Mr. Pascualito B. Gatan, VP for Branches and Satellite Campuses; Mr. Adam V. Ramilo, VP for Administration; Dean Remedios G. Ado, College of Engineering; Atty. Rex Norman Briones, Head, Clinical Legal Education Program; and Atty. Gemy Lito L. Festin to represent the College of Law.

MLQU officials who attended were: Atty. Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr., President; Ms. Mary Antoniette Lucille P. Ortile, Executive Vice President; Atty. Ria Corazon A. Golez-Cabrera, VP for Legal and External Affairs; Atty. Gilbert M. Viloria, Head, Legal Office; and Dean Ferdinand M. Negre, School of Law.

Regarding the collaboration in law, Atty. Festin and Dean Negre agreed to:

  • Help develop, promote, and make referrals to each university’s Clinical Legal Education Program (CLEP);
  • Coordinate the organization and delivery of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) courses;
  • Establish a faculty exchange program;
  • Promote cross-enrollment between the universities; and
  • Explore other areas for collaboration, such as training and development of learning materials.

 For the respective Engineering schools of PUP and MLQU, shall pursue the following:

  • Conduct an in-depth study on the sharing of laboratory resources and facilities and ensure that any arrangement entered into by the parties relative thereto is compliant with CHED rules and regulations;
  • Implement a faculty exchange program;
  • Jointly organize online engineering lecture classes; and
  • Explore other areas for collaboration such as Board review programs.

Furthermore, PUP pledged to assist MLQU with its program and curriculum upgrading. It also reiterated its request to partner with MLQU regarding the acquisition of online local and foreign journal subscriptions.

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