Christmas is Here

It feels like just yesterday that we gathered to celebrate the joyous spirit of Christmas here at MLQU. The memories of laughter and camaraderie from that festive occasion are still vivid in our minds. As we embrace the arrival of December once again, we find ourselves on the cusp of 2024, reflecting on the journey we have taken together.

I am pleased to share that we have navigated through the challenges of the past year with resilience and determination. The close of this year and the end of the First Semester mark a period of growth and accomplishment for MLQU. Yet, the best is truly yet to come, and I am optimistic about the promising path that lies ahead.

Amidst the inevitable humps and bumps along our journey, we have successfully overcome every obstacle in our pursuit of excellence. Steadily, our plans for MLQU are unfolding, and it brings me great satisfaction to witness the positive transformation taking place within our institution.

One of the highlights of the year has been the gradual return to face-to-face interactions, particularly in our Senior High School and undergraduate programs. This transition signifies our commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience for our students. We have worked tirelessly to enhance both academic and non-academic systems, implementing effective processes that aim to simplify the lives of our students.

In line with our dedication to fostering a life-education balance, we have introduced measures to make studying at MLQU more accessible. Rest assured, these changes are designed to improve the overall student experience without compromising the exceptional quality of education that has become synonymous with MLQU.

As we embrace the spirit of Christmas, let us also celebrate the spirit of unity and progress that defines MLQU. Our collective efforts have positioned us as a beacon of educational excellence, and I am confident that our students will continue to proudly identify themselves as true Quezonians.

May this festive season bring joy, warmth, and a renewed sense of purpose to each member of the MLQU family. Let us look forward to the coming year with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to the continued success of MLQU.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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