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Celebrating MLQU’s Achievement: NAASCU Certification and Junior Division Basketball Triumph

In a momentous stride towards sporting excellence, MLQU has recently been issued a certification for the Junior Division Category of the National Athletic Association of School Colleges and Universities (NAASCU).  This significant recognition opens a new chapter for MLQU, marking its commitment to fostering a culture of athletic prowess within its academic community.

This certification as a regular member of NAASCU is a testament to MLQU’s dedication to promoting not only academic excellence but also a holistic development of its students through sports.  The university’s inclusion in this prestigious association paves the way for enhanced participation and competition in various athletic events, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

As MLQU enters the ongoing NAASCU Season 21, the university proudly announces its active involvement in the NAASCU Junior Division Basketball Tournament.  This exciting development allows MLQU’s senior high school and junior high school athletes to showcase their talents on a larger platform, competing against esteemed institutions in a spirited display of skills and teamwork.

Adding to the celebration, MLQU’s SHS basketball team recently secured a thrilling victory in a tune-up game against St. Joseph College on November 16.  The intense match unfolded on the latter’s home court, with MLQU emerging triumphant with a final score of 45 against 44.  The close margin of victory underscores the tenacity and skill of MLQU’s young athletes, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead.

This early success in the tune-up game against St. Joseph College serves as a promising prelude to MLQU’s performance in the upcoming NAASCU Junior Division Basketball Tournament.  The victory not only boosts the confidence of the players but also resonates with the unwavering support from the MLQU community, including students, faculty, and alumni.

As MLQU continues its journey in the NAASCU Season 21, the university remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing both academic and athletic excellence.  The certification as a regular member of NAASCU and the triumph in the tune-up game reflect the collective efforts of the MLQU community in fostering a holistic and well- rounded educational experience.

As the NAASCU Season 21 unfolds, the MLQU community eagerly anticipates the continued success of its athletes on the courts and the nurturing spirit of sportsmanship that will undoubtedly characterize this sporting season.Top of Form

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