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Celebrating Legacy and Commitment: The MLQU Alumni Oath-Taking Ceremony

On April 11, 2024, amidst the charming ambiance of a rustic Spanish-themed restaurant at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in Quezon City, a momentous event unfolded — the Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) Alumni Oath-Taking Ceremony.

The ceremony commenced with a profound sense of honor as attendees gathered to express their gratitude for the presence of each individual.  It was not merely an oath-taking event; it was a reaffirmation of commitment to alma mater and a celebration of the enduring bond that unites the MLQU community.

Message of the MLQU Chairman and President

Addressing the alumni officers, Atty. Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr., Chairman and President of MLQU acknowledged that the alumni are integral partners in steering the course of the university towards continued success and growth. Their roles were recognized as pivotal in shaping the future trajectory of MLQU, and their capabilities were trusted to contribute positively to the shared vision, i.e. bringing back the glorious days of MLQU.  Drawing from his vast experience in law and governance, Atty. Ochoa emphasized the importance of unity and collective action in advancing the mission of the alma mater.  He spoke passionately about the role of alumni in shaping the future of MLQU, emphasizing that their dedication and involvement are vital in propelling the university to greater heights of success. 

Board of Trustees and Officers of the MLQU Alumni Association Inc.

The leadership of the MLQU Alumni Association Inc. was highlighted, led by Engr. Ricardo Casabuena, Chairman, who brings expertise in innovative chemical technologies as the President and CEO of C.B. Andrew Philippines.  Serving as President is Atty. Fidel Racasa, a distinguished law practitioner specializing in litigation, corporate, and labor law, and supported by a team of dedicated officers including Ms. Maybelle Pontiveros as Vice President, Ms. Shirley Ibañez as Treasurer, Atty. Ditas Cabatit as Corporate Secretary, and Atty. Jennefer Estabillo as Auditor.  The Board of Trustees comprises esteemed individuals, such as Ar. Felix Delos Santos, Engr. Ed Domingo, Engr. Zeny Palencia, Engr. Mel Layson, Engr. Maritz Sandiego, Atty. Jenaro Jacob, Atty. Sahara Rivera, Atty. Vincent Verzosa, and Atty. Ruth De Guzman, each bringing their unique expertise and commitment to the alumni association.

Other Notable Guests and Alumni in Attendance

The event was also honored by the presence of retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno,  Dean Emeritus of the School of Law, other officers of MLQU and the School Deans.  Notable alumni in attendance include Tarlac Vice Governor Carlito “CASADA” Santos David, a respected lawyer and politician, Cavite Deputy Provincial Prosecutor Jocelyn Nolasco-Santiago, San Pedro City, Laguna Prosecutor Juliett Ibana, Pangasinan Registrar of Deeds Atty. Leland Lopez, Dr. Susana Balingit, a dedicated medical,  practitioner focusing on community health-oriented development programs, and Mr. Jaime Cabangis, a distinguished MLQU graduate and retired partner of SGV.

Each of these individuals exemplifies the spirit of excellence and dedication instilled by MLQU, contributing to their communities and beyond.

As the ceremony concluded, attendees were thanked for their presence, commitment, and dedication to MLQU.  The call to strive for excellence while honoring the past and embracing future opportunities resonated as a guiding principle for the journey ahead.  Together, the MLQU community would continue to celebrate legacy and commitment, ensuring a future bright with promises and achievement.

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