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Celebrating a Remarkable Achievement: 100% Passing Rate for First-Time MLQU Board Exam Takers in Criminology

In a resounding triumph, first-time takers from Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) have achieved a remarkable feat in the recently concluded Board and Licensure Exam for Criminology conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).  We are elated to announce that our dedicated students have achieved a 100 percent passing rate on their first attempt.  This achievement stands as a testament to the commitment of our institution, the unwavering dedication of our faculty, and the determination of our talented students.

As MLQU continues to stride forward in the realm of education, our focus remains unwavering:  to ensure that our programs are relevant to the evolving needs of the times and to consistently enhance our graduates’ performance in licensure exams.  To achieve these objectives, we have initiated a series of measures designed to empower our students and prepare them comprehensively for their future endeavors.

Academic Gatekeeping: Fostering Excellence

One of our foremost initiatives is the implementation of Academic Gatekeeping.  Under this system, students must meet specific academic standards, ensuring they obtain the required percentage in their subjects under the university grading system.  This rigorous evaluation process ensures that our students are not only academically competent but also well-prepared for the challenges that they will face in their chosen field.

In addition to academic standards, MLQU promotes regular student-faculty consultations. These one-on-one interactions provide students with personalized guidance and mentorship, addressing their unique needs and challenges.  Through such close engagement, we aim to create an environment where every student has the opportunity to excel academically and personally.

Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills:  LOTS and HOTS Questionnaires

Critical thinking is a vital skill that goes beyond memorization and comprehension.  To nurture this essential aptitude among our students, we have institutionalized the practice of giving Lowe Order Thinking Skill (LOTS) and Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) questionnaires in various academic activities.  These questionnaires are integrated into quizzes, recitations, collaborative projects, and other coursework, encouraging students to think critically, analyze information, and solve complex problems.

By fostering critical thinking, MLQU aims to equip our graduates with the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of their respective fields.  We believe that individuals who can think critically are better prepared to contribute meaningfully to society and excel in their careers.

Diagnostic Examination for Senior Year Students

In our pursuit of excellence, we have introduced a Diagnostic Examination for senior year students before graduation.  This assessment provides a comprehensive overview of their knowledge, identifying areas that may require further attention and improvement.  It serves as a valuable tool for both students and faculty, enabling us to tailor our educational approach to meet the specific needs of each student.      

The Diagnostic Examination ensures that our graduates leave MLQU with a solid foundation and confidence to face the licensure exams and their future careers with competence and assurance.         

As we celebrate this momentous achievement of a 100 percent passing rate for our first takers, we are reminded that success is not a destination but a journey.  MLQU remains committed to its mission of providing quality education, fostering critical thinking, and empowering students to reach their full potential.  We are excited about the future and confident that with the dedication of our faculty and the determination of our students, this remarkable success will continue to be a hallmark of MLQU’s education.    

Congratulations once again to our exceptional students and their dedicated instructors.  Together, we look forward to even greater accomplishments and a brighter future for MLAQU graduates.

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