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The MLQU School of Architecture
Offers comprehensive training among its students through the different architectural studio laboratories founded on the strong philosophy, concept and theories in architectural planning and design.

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A One-Day Event That Showed The Wonder Of Writing Fiction, Poetry, Essay And Songs “A word after a word after a word is power” is a line from “Daily Writer,” a book by Fred White. Indeed, when you write down one word after another, they can have more power than you can possibly imagine. They become short stories, novels, think pieces, plays, screenplays or other types of shareable content.

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A Quezonian’s Artwork goes global

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, the famous song goes.
The MLQU community will be elated to learn that Bootz M. Plata, an MLQU School of Architecture graduate, has made it in New York City.

MLQU explores a collaboration with “Katapat” network: GMA Network, Inc.

One of the best virtues ingrained in the Filipino psyche is “neighborliness.” This is expressed in sharing what one has with one’s “kapitbahay” such as backyard garden harvest, farm tools, and even one’s cooking.

Quezonians, meet your newly elected campus leaders

The newly elected officers of the MLQU Central Student Government took their oath last March 9, 2023 witnessed by top officials of MLQU, including Atty. Paquito Ochoa, Jr., MLQU President Ms. Lucille Ortile, MLQU EVP, Ms. Sofia Caccam, Head of the Office of Student and Atty. Barry Aquino, CSG Adviser Affairs.


The debating team of MLQU’s Legal Management Society was judged as second best in the recently held “ Breakthrough: Legal Management Debate Cup” at St. Thomas Hall, Colegio de San Juan De Letran, Intramuros.


More than 2,000 years ago, the famous Roman orator Cicero said: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Following Cicero’s metaphor, one can say that a school is lacking meaning and definition without books to fulfill its purpose: to enable the acquisition of knowledge and enrichment of the mind and spirit.


MLQU and Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on January 12, 2023, in which both institutions agreed to share a common vision and aim to strengthen the implementation of the internship programs for the students.


The Manuel L. Quezon University – School of Architecture aspires to be in the forefront of the country’s architecture schools, which produce professionals honed by education relevant to the times, steeped in ethical conduct, and oriented to service to fellowmen within the realm of their area or expertise as their contribution to society.


The Manuel L. Quezon University – School of Architecture obliges itself to produce architects who are competent, ethical, cognizant of the rights of others as well as their own, and constantly aware of their role in protecting their environment as professionals and as worthy citizens.


To develop the following outcomes:

  • Perform standard competencies in accordance with the scope of global and local practice of architecture;
  • Show traits of professionalism, sense of responsibility, equality, and patriotism;
  • Receptiveness to new ideas and knowledge through scientific research;
  • Direct and focus the thrust of architecture education to the needs and demands of society and its integration into the social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of nation-building; and
  • Instill understanding of the basic philosophy and fundamental principles of the multi-dimensional aspects of architecture, and the direct relationship between man and his environment.

Program Outcome

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture program is expressed in the following minimum set of learning outcomes:

  • To keep abreast with developments in the field of architecture practice;
  • The ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and Filipino;
  • The ability to work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  • Recognition of professional, social, and ethical responsibility;
  • Creation of architectural solutions by applying knowledge in history, theory, planning, building technology and utilities, structural concepts, and professional practice;
  • Use of concepts and principles from specialized fields and allied disciplines into various architectural problems;
  • Preparation of contract documents, technical reports, and other legal documents used in architectural practice adhering to applicable laws, standards and regulations;  
  • Interpretation and application of relevant laws, codes, charters and standards for architecture and the built environment;
  • Application of research methods to address architectural problems;
  • Use of various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) media for architectural solutions, presentation, and techniques in design and construction;
  • Acquisition of entrepreneurial and business acumen relevant to architecture practice; and
  • Involvement in the management of the construction works and building administration.


News and Update

School of Architecture E- Magazine

The School of Architecture will soon launch its e-Magazine! This e-magazine will feature all of the best plates, esquisses, and projects from the various studio laboratories.

School of Architecture Research Colloquium

The School of Architecture will be conducting its 1st Research Colloquium by the Second Semester, AY 2021-2022. The event will feature all of the Best Architectural Thesis for Graduating Students and Thesis Proposals for Research Methods in Architecture courses.


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Accepting Students 1st SEM AY 2021-2020

Advanced Enrollment up to July 4
Pre-EnrollmentJuly 5 to 17
Enrollment ProperJuly 18 to August 1
Late EnrollmentAugust 2 to 14
Adding of SubjectsJuly 18 to August 14
Petition Class EnrollmentJuly 18 to August 14