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School of Business

Senior High School Exploring Governance and Advocacy: MLQU Senior High School’s Trip to the Senate On March 19, the corridors …

School of Engineering banner
School of Engineering

The School of EngineeringEngineers function as the backbone of nation-building with our sights set on the innovation, design, creation and …

School of Criminal Justice banner
School of Criminal Justice

The MLQU School of Criminal JusticeThe School of Criminal Justice serves as the primary and extensive training ground for those …

School of Architecture Banner
School of Architecture

The MLQU School of ArchitectureOffers comprehensive training among its students through the different architectural studio laboratories founded on the strong …

School of Graduate Studies Banner
School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate StudiesThe School of Graduate Studies provides quality instruction that will enable its graduates to become successful in …

School of Law
School of Law

The MLQU Law SchoolDistinguished Legacy. Legal Education Frontier. Lawyers for Society. Previous slide Next slide Who we are The School …