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A Vision of Empowerment and Excellence: Interview with Dr. Jaime G. Ang, Dean of MLQU’s School of Graduate Studies

Ms. Cassandra Lopez intrigued by the progressive strides being made at MLQU’s School of Graduate Studies (SGS), eagerly sat down with Dr. Jaime G. Ang, the visionary Dean at the helm of the SGS.  She was eager to uncover the schools vision, goals, and focus. Dr. Ang welcomed her warmly, ready to share his insights and aspirations.

Dr. Ang’s passion for academic excellence and societal transformation radiated as he described the School of Graduate Studies’ compelling vision.  He envisioned an academic community that thrived on dynamism, embraced its Filipino roots, upheld Christian values, and emerged as a highly competitive institution committed to empowering individuals and building a humane society.  The school’s focus was firmly fixed on providing transformative learning experiences that nurtured servant leaders, instilling qualities of compassion, integrity, justice, peace, and love for their country in each graduate.

To fulfill this ambitious vision, Dr. Ang outlines the qualities and attributes that an MLQU-SGS student should possess.  Effective communication, quality research skills, a global perspective, grassroots orientation, cultural and experiential grounding, humane liberation, and creativity were emphasized as essential traits.  These attributes would equip students to confront challenges head-on and contribute meaningfully to society.

With a keen eye on continuous improvement, Dr. Ang shared his aspirations for the SGS in the next three years.

First and foremost, the school aimed to secure ISO accreditation, ensuring that MLQU SGS met the highest educational standards and emerged as a reliable and credible institution.  Compliance with accreditation standards is another key goal, further elevating the quality of education and research within the school.

Dr. Ang’s forward-thinking approach extended to the implementation of vibrant transnational and extension programs, which would expose students to diverse perspectives and experiences, broadening their horizons and providing a well-rounded education.

The SGS also aspires to be recognized for its local and international publications, contributing to the academic discourse and highlighting the achievements of its faculty and students.  Lastly, Dean Ang envisioned the school becoming a Center for Development, solidifying its reputation as a catalyst for positive change and a beacon of excellence in graduate education.  Indeed, Dean Ang is determined to turn these aspirations into reality and ensure that SGS continues to provide exceptional education and opportunities for its students.

Dean Jaime G. Ang possess an impressive academic and professional background that contributed to his expertise and vision for the SGS.  Armed with a diverse range of qualifications, certificates, and experiences, Dr. Ang had established himself as a highly accomplished individual in the field of education, sciences and the arts.  His higher educational journey began at the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila, where he earned a Bachelor of Art major in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service.  Driven by his passion for knowledge and communication, he pursued further studies at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, obtaining a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and a Doctorate in Education Management.

Dr. Ang’s commitment to excellence in teaching was evident through his Certificate in Teaching from the Philippine Normal University.  Moreover, his pursuit of continuous learning and professional growth led him to acquire various certificates in arts, culture. massmedia, and research from prestigious institutions both in the Philippines and abroad.  He has honed his skills in television production, direction, editing sound effects, drama, theater arts, and the English language, among other disciplines.

Recognized for his exceptional contributions to education and culture, Dr. Ang received numerous accolades throughout his career.  Among his notable achievements were being named the Star Teacher of the Consortium of the South, receiving the Global Achiever Awards for Culture and the Arts, and earning the Huwarang Filipino for Education distinction.  He was also honored as the Top Media Educator of the Philippines, a testament to his impact in the field.

Before assuming his role as Dean of SGS, Dr. Ang held several significant positions in reputable educational institutions. He served as Director for Research and Publication Office at the Philippine Christian University, where his expertise and leadership contributed to the advancement of research initiatives.  Additionally, he held roles as Dean, Director for Research and Student Affairs at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa, and Resident Film Critic of Gawad Tanglaw, demonstrating his versatility and breadth of knowledge.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ang had established affiliations with prominent organizations and institutions, further solidifying his reputation as a distinguished educator and advocate.  He served as the former Sectoral Representative for Film (Academe) at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, ensuring that the voice of educators were heard and valued.  Furthermore, his roles as Chairman and President Emeritus of Gawad Tanglaw (Film Critics Society) and lifetime memberships in organizations, such as the British Council and the Linguistics Society of the Philippines showcased his deep involvement and commitment to his field.

Dean Ang’s extensive educational background, professional experiences, and contributions to academia and culture equipped him with the knowledge and expertise necessary to lead the SGS at MLQU.  His passion for education combined with his rich and diverse background, positioned him as a visionary leader dedicated to empowering students and shaping the future of graduate education in the Philippines.

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