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A Spooktacular Celebration: MLQU’s Halloween Extravaganza

As October rolled around, students and staff at Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) eagerly prepared for a ghoulishly good time.  The campus was soon abuzz with excitement, as various departments and offices went head-to-head in a spirited competition to transform their areas into the spookiest, most enchanting Halloween havens.  This annual tradition at MLQU not only brought out the creativity among the staff but also served as a means to commemorate the Halloween spirit.

Spooktacular Showdown:  Transforming MLQU’s Campus

The competition among the different departments and offices was fierce.  Each team went to great lengths to decorate their respective spaces, weaving dark enchantments into every nook and cranny.  The creativity on display was nothing short of impressive, and students and faculty alike marveled at the transformations.  From eerie cobwebs, ghostly apparitions to elaborate thematic setups, it was clear that MLQU took Halloween seriously.

A treat for All Ages:  “Trick or Treat” Extravaganza

In the spirit of Halloween, MLQU went a step further by inviting children to join the festivities.  A “trick or treat” event was organized, welcoming the little ones to explore the campus and collect sweet treat from the different departments and offices.  The delight in their eyes and the excitement in their laughter were contagious and heartwarming. 

Student Adventure:  A Spine-Tingling Campus Tour

For the MLQU students, the Halloween celebration was more than just a competition; it was an opportunity to experience a unique campus atmosphere.  Students were encouraged to go on self-guided tour, exploring the spooky displays set up by the participating departments and offices.  The adventure allowed them to admire the dedication and imagination that their professors and staff put up into the event.  It was not only a break from the regular academic routine but also a chance to enjoy the vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere of the campus.

Promoting Camaraderie and Breaking the Monotony

The Halloween celebration at MLQU was more than just a contest.  It was an occasion to promote camaraderie and inject a sense of excitement into the campus environment.  For the staff, it was a team-building exercise that allowed them to work together on a creative project.  For the students, it was a refreshing break from the usual lectures and exams.

It is essential to have moments like these to create a sense of togetherness and unity within a university.  Events like the Halloween celebration encourage a feeling of belonging and shared purpose that extends beyond the classroom.  It gives everyone a chance to relax, have fun, and enjoy a different side of their academic community.

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