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Let Sakura Bloom

A Quezonian’s Artwork goes global

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, the famous song goes.

The MLQU community will be elated to learn that  Bootz M. Plata, an MLQU School of Architecture graduate, has made it in New York City.


His artwork, entitled “Let sakura bloom” was recently purchased by Solana Spaces New York City and is now displayed at its store where Solana faithful could buy their favorite Solana branded merch.  Solana provides  a Web3 onboarding space for new artists. 

A graduate of the MLQU School of Architecture, our campus grown global artist Bootz M. Plata is an accomplished 3d concept artist. He has been doing art ever since he can remember. According to him, his proficiency “revolves around architectural visualization and 3d modeling.”

Meanwhile his other artwork, entitled Blooming was also displayed at the NEARCON Beta Convention in Lisbon, Portugal last September 2022. It was held at the Cais da Viscondessa in the said coastal city,  which is now home to a thriving Web3 community.

Boots is one example of a young creative mind nurtured the  MLQU way.

Let Sakura Bloom

Title: Let Sakura Bloom displayed at SOLANA gallery NYC


Title: Blooming

Displayed at Lisbon Portugal during the NEAR convention in  September 2022 

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