A hearty welcome to all the enrollees of SY 2022-2023!

To the new enrollees, a warm hug to you as new members of the Quezonian community.

As another school year begins, rest assured that MLQU will strive to prove worthy of the expectations you have for choosing our school. We also owe it to you and your parents and the nation to give you the best education.

Relocating the school from Quiapo to Quezon City has of course presented management with a set of big challenges. But day after day we are moving forward to achieving our goal of building a new and better learning environment in our new location. It is a work in progress, as they say.

You will be happy to know that in other aspects, we have taken steps to enhance the quality of MLQU education with a new set of professors and support staff as well by adopting advanced pedagogies and additional programs that are more in tune with the

You will also be happy to know that your decision to enroll at MLQU this year is most opportune. That’s because in just a few months.  you will all be part of an event celebrating a major historic milestone.

This coming November, MLQU will turn 75!

This is significant in the sense that you are now part of an educational institution with a distinguished legacy that has endured through the years and thereby proving not only its strength and but also its unwavering steadfastness to its mission.

It means that you now belong to a distinguished roster of alumni who are intellectual equals of other prominent schools. Many of them are involved in endeavors that demand exceptional individual abilities.

Indeed, MLQU has served as a great teacher of nation builders. The torch is now being passed on to you.

Prove yourself worthy of the torch that is now in your hands.  Study hard, learn and dedicate yourself to acquire the kind of education our founders envisioned and which you will wear with pride after graduation.

Let your time at MLQU be spent in preparing yourself to be a catalyst for social change. For where else can we draw our nation’s strength to reach our common goals and realize our shared dreams of a better future?

It must start with the youth, with emphasis on the first 3 letters. For YOU represent tomorrow.

The Irish poet W. B. Yeats once said: “Education is not filling a bucket but the lighting of a fire." At MLQU, we will devote ourselves to provide the fuel that will ignite young minds, spark their aspirations, and illuminate their total being.


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